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Are you interested in printing your own tabletop miniatures? Need access to a 3D Printer? Send us your designs below, or check out our collection of pre-printed minis in store!

All our miniatures are printed with Anycubic Standard Grey resin on our Anycubic Photon Mono X. Please see pricing details for print requests below.


For those who print with us frequently, a membership may be the perfect thing! 3D Print memberships are available for just $40 per month and include up to $50 worth of free prints, as well as a 10% discount on any prints after reaching the $50 limit each month.

D&D Members may request two free small/medium prints per month, or one large print per month.


We now accept print requests using designs from Titancraft! To make a print request, please send your STL files to, or design your miniatures using Titancraft and send the links to your miniature designs.


Please note: with the exception of D&D Member monthly prints, all print runs are subject to a $20 minimum.


Small or Medium – $2

Large – $3

Huge – $5

Gargantuan – $7


Small or Medium – $3

Large – $4

Huge – $6

Gargantuan – $8


Small or Medium – $20

Large – $25

Huge – $30

Gargantuan – $40