7 pm – 11 pm @ 1012 Grand Street, Fl 3

A night of friendly competition; a night of learning new games, a night of strategically engaging board games with other board game enthusiasts from your area.

We have set games for each night, and don’t worry if you haven’t played them before, there’ll be a chance to learn before you play if you’re new to the game.  If everyone knows the game, we’ll dive right in! 

So come on over for a night of light, fun, and friendly board games, with perhaps more than a little bit of betrayal and intrigue!

February 28th: Arkham Horror: 2nd Edition

March 6th, Spyfall, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride (USA and Europe)

March 13th, Citadels, Marvel Champions, Dice Forge

March 20th, Resistance, Between Two Castles, Captain Sonar

March 27th: Just One, Wingspan, Lords of Waterdeep