Everyone will be a winner with our Man-Eater Painting Challenge starting this Valentine’s Day Weekend! One person will win an unpainted Limited Edition Commander Luke Skywalker Legion Kit! No one will go away alone!

Step 1. Pick up your Manticore Paint Night Kit from us ($20)

Step 2: Paint your model using only the supplies in the kit.

Step 3: Send us a photo of your model before 11:59 pm March 4th.

Step 4: We will post all models on our social media March 5th.

Step 5: One random entrant will be declared the winner March 5th at 7 pm!

Step 6: The winner will be able to pick up their Commander Luke Skywalker kit on or after March 5th! If you didn’t win the grand prize, you’ll get your choice of 1 Nolzur’s Magnificent Miniatures (MSRP 4.99 each)!

e-mail us – hobokengamelounge@gmail.com for more details