Everyone will be a winner this holiday season with our Sail Away for the Holidays Contest. One person will win an unpainted Falling Star Model Kit! MSRP $149.99 But no one will go away empty handed this year!

Step 1. Pick up your Ogre Zombie Paint Night Kit from us ($30)

Step 2: Paint your model using only the supplies in the kit.

Step 3: Return your painted Ogre Zombie to us on or before December 14th.

Step 4: We will post all models on our Instagram on December 15th

Step 5: Whichever model has the most likes by 10:00 pm, December 20th will be declared the winner

Step 6: The winner will be able to pick up their kit on or after December 21st! If you didn’t win the grand prize, you’ll get your choice of Nolzur’s Magnificent Miniatures; 3 small models (MSRP 4.99 each), 2 medium sized models (MSRP 8.99 each) or one large model (MSRP 14.99)!

e-mail us – hobokengamelounge@gmail.com for more details