You are Welcome to Play Board Games Sundays, starting 1/24!!! Whether you’re coming to learn how to play a game or to find players for your favourite game, all are welcome for these afternoon game sessions!

Each session runs from 2 pm – 6 pm every Sunday starting 1/24! Space is limited for each event so reserve your slot now! (Events are free to Game Members but you must email to reserve your space.)

Welcome to Play Sundays

1/24 – Arkham Horror Invocation

Learn to Play – The Blob that Ate Everything
Includes 2021 Alternate Art Promo Cards

1/31 – Latest Hotness

Dune Imperium – White Chapel Mystery
(includes Dune Imperium Promos)

2/7 – Super Sunday

Marvel Champions – Splendor: Marvel Edition – Talisman: Batman Super Villain Edition
(Includes Alternate Art Villains and Pack Hero Marvel Champions Promos)

2/14 – Hidden Identities

Secret Hitler – Resistance – Coup – Spyfall – Schmovie – One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak

2/21 – Draft Night

Sushi Go – 7 Wonders – Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

2/28 – Trade Routes

Century Spice Road – The Voyages of Marco Polo – Puerto Rico

3/7 – Lord of the Rings Fellowship 2020

Lord of the Rings LCG Fellowship Event – Escape from Khazad-dum
Welcome to Play Sundays