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Play! Hoboken offers a “day rate” with certain limitations.

The day rate for golf is $50
The day rate for billiards is $25
The day rate for games is $12

As long as we do not need the space for another customer day rate customers are welcome to stay as long as they like.
When non-reserved customers are waiting to play, groups will be rotated out when they’ve used an hour per person in their group. This means a group of four can play golf or use a pool table for four hours before a non-reserved group would be rotated in. As a courtesy, some time to ‘finish up’ will be given even for booked groups (once they arrive) – five minutes or so.

Bookings are a way to stay longer than an hour per person in a group, without being rotated out and without anyone else able to book that time. Groups that book longer than an hour per person are charged as if they had as many people as hours booked. Bookings are an additional cost, for members, day rate customers and guests that guarantee a block of time with a guaranteed on time start for those arriving ten minutes prior to the booking time.