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Buy a Play! Hoboken Mug & drink coffee for free all December!

  1. Purchase Play! Hoboken Mug ($12)
  2. Fill Mug at ANY local Hoboken Coffee Shop
  3. Take picture of our mug with coffee in coffee shop
  4. Post picture to instagram & tag @playhoboken and @ coffee shop
  5. Show us and we’ll give you $3 ($1 coin + $2 bill) PER coffee shop.

    not so fine print
    Earn $3 for each new coffee shop you try in Hoboken through 5/31/2023 or until we reach $1500 paid out.
    national chains are EXCLUDED (for now, but the owner/managers are welcome to reach out to discuss)
    local chains ARE permitted, but maximum one cash reward for all outlets combined (ie, you can get one reward for BWE, one for Mojo, one for Jefferson Coffee, one for Hidden Grounds, etc).

Coffee Shop owner? Show us some love: repost, tag, repeat or just drop by to play! Post our program in your coffee shop and we’ll add $100.00 to what we are able to pay out and extend the program by an additional two weeks!