Play! Hoboken Golf League General Rules

Specific rules for specific leagues that supersede these rules are possible – these are only general rules.

  1. We will start promptly whenever possible. If you arrive late, you’ll miss holes and only be permitted to make those holes up if time allows.
  2. There are no makeups.
  3. Members will not be charged a greens fee but members who miss more than three weeks will be charged the guest rate for each missed week starting with the fourth week.
  4. Non-members will be charged each of the first eight weeks regardless of attendance. Weeks nine and ten (or in some cases, nine, ten and eleven) may be played with no charge.

Most leagues will be stroke play. Most leagues will use 20 foot gimme rule. Late arrivals or slow play COULD result in missed holes – in which case missing holes will be scored as double bogie for most leagues.

Rules are subject to change – please look for email messages regarding rule changes, scoring, prizes and more.