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Compete in Guilty Gear -Strive-, Sunday November 14th at 6pm.

Event Entry is $20 ($8 venue fee + $12 for prize support). Reserve in advance down below by paying $5 now and pay only $15 at the time of the event! (If you pay the $5 in advance but fail to show up, you will NOT receive a refund. However, we will thank you for your contribution to the prize pool!)

Win Cash Prizes with additional door prizes of branded mugs and tumblers to be given out. Cash prizes will be paid out to the top 2 players (65/35). If the size of the tournament is 20 players or more, the top 4 players will be paid out (50/25/15/10)

Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament to ensure a timely event start time. Failing to arrive on time may result in a first round loss or drop from the tournament.

The Tournament will be Double Elimination. Sets will be best of 3 until semi finals where it will be best of 5. For grand finals, the player from the loser’s side will have to reset the bracket against the player from winner’s.

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