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Model Painting Lessons

Class Topics

Tabletop Ready 

A tabletop ready miniature conforms to Games Workshop standards for sanctioned event play. Classes under this designation will teach participants how to prepare an army or set of models for play under this standard, but will also teach techniques that can be applied in order to create an army or set that is of a higher quality. 

Topics that are covered may include beginner friendly versions of any or all of the following: 

    • Assembly 
    • Priming
    • Thinning Paints 
    • Layering
    • Shading
    • Highlighting 

Special Classes

Special classes are designed to elevate a participant’s abilities in areas which they are already familiar with. This will consist of introducing and elaborating on various concepts and higher level techniques in the pursuit of developing a participant’s knowledge  of the theory behind painting methods, and their ability to produce higher caliber pieces through demonstrating techniques more advanced than those shown in Tabletop Ready Classes.

Topics covered include:

Block 1:
No recommended previous knowledge
Lesson 1 – Mixing paints and color usage
Lesson 2 – light and shadow
Lesson 3 – contrast

Block 2:
A working understanding of mixing paints is necessary
Lesson 1 – blending using layering
Lesson 2 – blending using dry brushing
Lesson 3 – blending using glazing

Block 3:
This is the most advanced of Special Lessons. As such, a participant should have a grasp of the ideas shown in the previous blocks, or at least have their own style in developing some of them, particularly one of the blending categories.
Lesson 1 – Using non-painting materials (sculpting and filling and the like)
Lesson 2 – Basing and environmental storytelling
Lesson 3 – Environmental interaction (Object source lighting, damage, etc.) This lesson is where the blending will be required