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Every Thursday at 7 PM sharp,
Players arrive at 6:45 so we start on time.
Late arriving players will try to be accommodated, but no guarantees and no refunds, transfers or reschedules.


3-0: $40 Cash or $50 Store Credit

2-0-1: $30 Cash or $37.50 Store Credit

2-1: $20 Cash or $25 Store Credit 

1-1-1 $10 Cash or $12.50 Store Credit

Games members receive a bonus "our choice" booster.

**April SPECIAL**

Door Prize: Choice of one, exclusive, Secret Lair Planeswalker


Go 3-0 and get free entry in April's 30th Anniversary Modern Tournament


Pay additional $5 in advance for EXTRA Dominaria Remastered Draft boosters at check-in.  (limited offers available)

2-3 weeks rolls 1d6, gets that many boosters.

1-2 weeks rolls 2d6, gets as many boosters as lowest of the two dice values .

less than one week rolls 3d6, gets as many boosters as lowest of the three dice values .