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PLAY! Partner

We seek independent board game publishers and designers as partners to grow a weekly board game event held at Play! Hoboken just minutes outside of Manhattan, NYC and proximate to the largest, most affluent population in the world. Each week new board games are demonstrated, taught and played. As Tuesday evenings grow in success the event will be expanded to additional evenings, each evening with greater attendance.

The board game publisher supplies Play! Hoboken with a minimum of TWO copies of a game at no cost with a minimum of SIX additional copies on consignment. One copy is added to the Play! Hoboken game library to be demonstrated, taught & played at a future publicized event as well as available for public play for at least one year after the event. Additional copies are either added to the game library OR sold (typically soon after the event). Four to eight weeks prior to the event the game publisher will be contacted with event details and expected to market the event through all social media channels, email blasts, etc. Once the event is held, Play! Hoboken will pay for or return consignment copies.  (P!H will cover freight cost on up to TWELVE copies returned, Game Publisher will be responsible for freight costs to return any additional).

Capacity Limits:
Regardless of the number of games supplied – no event may have more than 96 players, UNLESS prior arrangements are made for game publisher to supply staff for event. Otherwise – capacity limit will be based on the number of players in an ‘ideal’ size game times the number of copies of the game supplied.

Marketing/Revenue Share:

Starting with the 13th paid player at an event, $2.00 per player will be paid back to the game publisher to contribute towards marketing costs. This is not intended to be a profit source for the game publisher – but rather an incentive to promote the event – and a reward to an effective partner.

Who is Play! Hoboken?

Play! Hoboken is a 15,000 square foot recreation facility in Hoboken, NJ – only a mile from Manhattan, in the most densely populated county within the most densely populated state and the most affluent customer base in the world.