The Play Pass

Recreation and entertainment options are limited, especially for Hoboken teens.
The movie theater has closed. Park space is too limited for teens to play ball and the weather is about to turn cold.

The Play Pass is a discounted ticket allowing vaccinated Hoboken children 12 to 17 years old access to a variety of activities available at Play! Hoboken after school at no cost to them. Play! Hoboken will also be supplying passes to schools at no cost to the schools – to be used by teachers as a reward to students for hard work. All Hoboken schools are eligible and as of October 4th 2021, all three Charter schools located in Hoboken have already expressed an interest in being involved in our program.

The idea came from BOE Member Malani Cademartori who pointed out to me that older children have few options, are often chased from playing ball in city parks and just want to be hang out, socialize and be teens – so I’m optimistic that Hoboken High School and Hoboken Middle School will also be involved.

Private schools with Hoboken resident children ages 12+ are also welcome. Parents, teachers and school administrators are welcome to reach out to for inquiries.