Summer Camp


Keeping campers safe in light of the pandemic is the top priority.  To do so, each week’s campers will be put in groups of ten or less to create a “camp family group” and spend the week only with their group. 
Each camper and staff member’s temperature will be taken upon arrival (no admittance for anyone with temperatures above 100.4).  There will be a ratio of at least one adult per eight campers on premise.  The camp will spend as much time as possible outdoors – but when indoors our floor space is 136’x114′ (15,504 square feet) – more than enough room to spread out.


We are able to accommodate regular campers aged 7 to 12.  Children 13 or 14 years old will be eligible to be “Counselor’s In Training” – we will take up to eight CIT’s and each will pay just $100.00 per week.  CIT’s will be assigned to a camp family for half the day and be asked to social distance and be permitted to “Play” (still supervised) the other half of the day.


Hoboken Restaurants are struggling – so each of the five days your child will have a choice of two options from a different Hoboken Restaurant.  This is included in the price.  We will provide a limited menu prior to the start of each week of camp – so if neither choice works for your child, you can send the child with food.  Complimentary snacks will also be provided.  We will eat outdoors whenever possible.


Each camper will be provided with one ORANGE shirt.  Additional shirts may be purchased for $15 per shirt. Your camper is required to wear an orange shirt each day of camp. Every camper will also need sunscreen, change of clothes, empty water bottle with name, yoga mat with name, cloth face mask, an umbrella with name.


Camp hours are 9 AM until 4 PM, however we are able to receive children as early as 8 AM and watch them up until 6 PM at additional charge, however: during these hours your child will need to wear a mask and social distance as we will not have our “camp family” groups in place. Please contact us if you require this.


We will spend much time outdoors in Columbus Park and lots of time doing the various activities that Play! Hoboken has to offer – but we’ll also take numerous trips to other businesses attempting to spend money all over town each day. Generally this is included in the price we charge – but you might want to furnish your adventurer with a little extra money to spend as we’ll be picking things we think are suitable for the entire group and your child might want something individual. All of our adventures will take place within Hoboken and our counselors will be reachable by text message in case of emergency.


(total weeks for all siblings within family)
$525.00 per week for 1 to 2 weeks
$500.00 per week for 3 to 6 weeks
$475.00 per week for 7 or more weeks

Online signup form is for ONE child only (if you are signing up siblings, use this for your first child). If you have multiple children, please contact us at playhoboken@gmail.com and we will invoice you the correct amount for your other children.

For more information or specific questions, please contact us via email at playhoboken@gmail.com