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Thank you for partnering with Play! Hoboken on our PLAYPASS initiative. Dr. Christine Johnson Superintendent of Schools, refers to this as “preferred activity time” and believes that it is a great way to motivate students. That is exactly my intention with this program.

I’m asking you to distribute the passes first as an award for hard work, second for good behavior and third for actual achievement: with no preference for ability (but no penalty either). I’d like to turn this into my own little version of the movie “Stand & Deliver”. If you haven’t seen that movie (or haven’t seen it recently) – please rent and watch!

This is afterschool only because I am planning on using my spare capacity without making too much more work for my staff (increasing my labor costs). Please give out the passes gradually – treat them as rare and valuable and they’ll be worth more the students. Remind your students to be on their best behavior. Passes may only be used on school days before 6 pm. Remember: this program has several schools involved – and I don’t want a crowd.

Each teacher or administrator participating is invited to enjoy a couple hours of fun at no cost with your family.
Please fill out the form below so we can coordinate a good day and time.