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Play! Hoboken & Tristate Cornhole will be holding two, one day tournaments in Hoboken, NJ.

The tournaments will be held regardless of weather circumstances – outdoors even if there is drizzle, indoors if there is any substantial rain. Tournament director will decide the morning of the event.

Only one person from each team needs register.
Teams must be comprised of exactly two players.

The cost to HOLD a slot is $10.00 per tournament (non-refundable under any circumstances).
An additional entry fee of $40 per team is due the morning of the tournament.
A maximum of sixteen teams are permitted.
If less than four teams register, each team will be refunded $20.00: and the tournament will still be held.
If 5-8 teams register, each team will be refunded $10.00.
Regardless of the number of teams, every team will receive at least three matches.
Cash prizes will depend on the number of teams.