A thoughtfully curated library of board games is at your disposal. Three tournament grade dart boards are also available for play, as well as a Tornado Foosball Table!  Traditional classics such as Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble, new classics such as Catan and Ticket to Ride, and the latest, hottest titles such as Wingspan and Tapestry! Games for couples, games for large groups, and everything in between. Click here to see our library!

In addition to $5 admission, play at $3/hr or play all day for $7! When you play all day, get Game Rewards such as retailer exclusive tokens, alternate art, and mini expansions for your favorite games! We proudly serve hot food and soft drinks in-house. We do not allow outside food or beverage, with the exception of BYOB (beer, wine and seltzers only). Please be sure to bring a valid ID.

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For $45 + tax per month, all board game table fees are waived for you. If you wish to do any other activity, you get a $5 discount for that activity. In addition, you get discounted or free entry for our events! Furthermore, you may elect to take one board game from our library home with you at a time. Be sure to check all components and condition before checking it out to avoid being charged a restocking fee should the game be returned in damaged or otherwise unplayable condition.

Buying Games

If you’re interested in buying games, you can do so in-store or online by clicking here.