Come and Play in the Flesh and Blood events with Armoury kit Prize support!

You must have a reservation to play (an additional charge to the event fee). Please reserve your spot now, reservations must be made at least 6 hours in advance!

If you come to play without a reservation we cannot guarantee your ability to play, but if there is room you may pay a $10 same day reservation fee in store plus the event entry fee.

Upcoming Events

Saturday: 11/20: Blitz*[$10] (Armory Loyalty Event) (Class Break Event)

Sunday: 11/28: Blitz*[$10] (Armory Loyalty Event) (Class Break Event)

Sunday 12/5: Blitz*[$10] (Armory Loyalty Event) (Class Break Event)

Sunday 12/12: Blitz*[$10] (Armory Loyalty Event) (Class Break Event)

*One Tales of Aria Pack per Win.

Armory Loyalty Events

At our Armory Events players are able to reserve boxes of the next First Edition set to be released, ask in store for details.

At our Armory events players earn loyalty points. At the end of the month, whoever has the most wins over the course of the month gets the Armory Champion playmat and Promo Card. Whoever has the most losses gets the Community Award playmat.

Class Break Events

What is a Class Break you ask? We offer players the opportunity to buy, sight unseen, all the cards of a particular class from 1-4 sealed boxes from one or more sets. We then crack the packs open in front of everyone, sorting them by class. Any classes not purchased go into our binders/bulk collection. Opportunity to purchase a class is by lottery of all present one hour before the start of the scheduled event. ┬áIf at least half of the classes are sold, we will do another Class Break with the same box selection, and another lottery with any previous winners having ‘last pick’. If less than half the classes are sold, we will allow participants the opportunity to buy an additional class each until all classes or sold or everyone passes.