Come and Play in the Flesh and Blood events with Armoury kit Prize support!

Please note the following prices do not include the reservation fee (see below).

Constructed tournament entry fee is $10 (Blitz 30 minute rounds, Classic Constructed 50 minute rounds)

Booster draft is $15 (includes packs to draft with (bring your own packs and pay only $5, 40 minute rounds).

Sealed is $25 (includes packs for sealed deck construction (bring your own packs and pay only $5, 40 minute rounds)

You must have a reservation to play (an additional charge to the event fee), with a limit of 24 players for each event. Reserve your spot now, reservations must be made at least 6 hours in advance!

If you come to play without a reservation we cannot guarantee your ability to play, but if there is room you may pay a $10 same day reservation fee in store plus the event entry fee.

If you bring your own packs they will be mixed in with the general supply.

Special events, such as Prerelease and Skirmish, do have cut to top players. Casual Armoury events are straight Swiss only.

Upcoming Events

5/16: Constructed

5/23: Blitz

5/30: Booster Draft (First 16 to sign up Monarch 1st Edition, next 8 Arcane Rising Unlimited)

6/6: Skirmish Sealed Monarch (First 16 reservations guaranteed, past that waitlisted)

6/13: Classic Constructed

6/20: Blitz

6/27: Classic Constructed

If an event you wish to join is full, please fill out this wait list form and you’ll be contacted if space becomes available.