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Play! Hoboken



Embark on a thrilling Dungeons & Dragons adventure, led by one of our expert Dungeon Masters!

Sessions run weekly every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Click below to learn more.



Tuesday/Thursday Adults D&D

Recently graduated from the prestigious acting school, Wagner College, Jack Lobley has spent the last four years studying classical and contemporary theatre performance. In addition, Jack has been creating mythical and fantastical adventures for his friends and is ready to bring those same adventures to the table here at Play! Hoboken. Join Jack and his collection of wacky characters and diabolical monsters in the Plancescape setting.


Saturday Adults D&D

Max has been running D&D campaigns for over 25 years! His campaigns embrace the existential questions and mind blowing weirdness found in the classic Spelljammer and Planescape accessories. He has used his extensive library of 2nd edition resources and given the deep lore new life by updating it to 5th edition rules.


Tuesday Kids D&D

As the youngest DM on staff, Rowan handles kids pretty well. He creates captivating worlds and stories that are fun and easy to follow. his improv skills allow him to easily adapt to the unending chaos of his young players. He even finds ways to reinforce new skills throughout the campaign, be it simple math, or general problem solving.


Thursday Kids D&D

Bio coming soon!


Edgewater Library D&D

Morgan easily keeps up with kids and all the questions they can have. Having recently graduated with a film degree, she has countless stories to keep everyone entertained. Easily adaptable, Morgan can run an immersive game for almost any player or experience level.