Fraud Blocker Play Hoboken - Family Entertainment Center with Golf Simulators, Pool Hall, Billiards, DnD, Board Games, trivia, Arcade, Ping Pong, Miniature Bowling, and E-sports

Play! Hoboken


When is Play! Hoboken open?

Play! Hoboken is open 7 days a week and every day of the year except Thanksgiving.

Monday: 9 AM-10 PM

Tuesday: 9 AM-10 PM

Wednesday: 9 AM-10 PM

Thursday: 9 AM- Midnight

Friday: 9 AM- Midnight

Saturday: 8 AM- Midnight

Sunday: 8 AM- 10 PM

Is membership required?

Memberships are not required. Memberships are a recurring monthly charge resulting in a deep discount for those who do their chosen activity weekly OR their most costly activity weekly and other activities twice monthly.

What does a membership include?

Memberships include unlimited play time when space is available. Bookings are charged extra to guarantee space when it’s busy and all memberships will only apply to fixed amount of booked time per our membership rules. Other benefits vary by attraction. For more detailed information about memberships, click here.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are not required. However, we do recommend making a reservation for larger groups, or those who wish to guarantee their spot for a certain activity during our busy hours (weekends, holidays, and evenings).

Please note: Golf Simulators fill up quickly during our busy hours. We strongly recommend making a Golf Simulator reservation if you wish to play during these times.

The pool hall is busiest on Friday and Saturday nights presently.

Bowling is busiest weekends from late morning until early evening.

What are the rates?

The Play Bundle includes two hours of play for most activities and is $25 per person (bowling and golf are not included).

A La Carte Arcade, Board Games, Pool, and Ping Pong are charged per person per hour.

Bowling Lanes and Golf Simulators rent by the hour and may be shared (strict maximum, five people per bowling lane or golf bay, regardless of how many actually play). 

Except for specific “free chaperone” hours after school (Monday through Thursday school days, until 6 pm) – all per person activities are charge for everyone, even if they aren’t playing. This is due to our capacity and labor costs, and “everyone playing” is a much more fun environment than having parents/partners “just watch”. But remember, bowling and golf are per machine (maximum 5 people) so if your group is five or less and someone just wants to watch, the cost will be the same for those two attractions.

Is there an age requirement?

Play! Hoboken is open to all ages! However, children 12 and under must have an adult chaperone. Need one? You can book an adult chaperone to supervise your group of one to eight children here

Do you allow outside food/drink?

Play! Hoboken does not allow outside food or soft drinks, but we are BYOB for beer, wine, and seltzer. Bottled water is available to all customers free of charge.

Do you sell/allow alcohol?

Play! Hoboken does not sell alcohol, but we are BYOB for beer, wine, and seltzer. No hard liquor is allowed.

Can I host an event at Play! Hoboken?

Absolutely! Our private party room is available to book for events such as children’s parties, adult celebrations, corporate events, and more!

Is parking available?

Play! Hoboken has a few parking spots available at the back of the building for a charge of $2/hr. Please see our parking page for more information.

Are non-players charged?

We want everyone to play, so except for Mondays through Thursdays, after school when we allow free non-playing chaperones to watch children too young to play without supervision (12 and under): everyone is counted and charged according to the activity they are part of, whether they are “only watching” or playing. The facility has attractions for everyone, is friendly for beginners and joining in the fun is a better experience for everyone.

Groups of up to five for golf and bowling are charged by the lane or bay so there may not be a difference in the cost if someone opts to only watch. Pool tables, ping pong tables, the board game area and other per person areas are space limited in a way that means everyone counts.

Adults are counted for our children’s parties and children are counted for our adult’s parties: because our fun is for all ages.

Play Hoboken - Family Entertainment Center with Golf Simulators, Pool Hall, Billiards, DnD, Board Games, trivia, Arcade, Ping Pong, Miniature Bowling, and E-sports ;