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Play! Hoboken



Play on one of our nine foot pool tables for just $10 per hour or $30 per day, per person! Walk-ins may use any available table. Any table may be reserved for a slight additional cost.


Frequent visitor? Billiards memberships are available for $95 per month. Click below for more information on memberships.


Interested in improving your skills? Play! Hoboken offers lessons taught by pool professional Ada Lio. Please see our lessons page below for more information.


Play! Hoboken features seventeen pool tables, which include:

  • 3 Nine Foot Diamond Pro Am
  • 11 Nine Foot Brunswick Gold Crown (2 with tight pockets, 9 with standard pockets)
  • 3 Seven Foot Valley with upgraded Ridgeback Rails

All of our tables feature Simonis 860HR cloth and ball return.


All customers are supplied with freshly polished billiards. If you are playing a long session and wish to have your set polished, just ask!

Our standard house balls are Brunswick Centennial. Aramith Pro-Cup balls are available at no extra cost to billiards members, and $5 extra for the day to non-members. Aramith Tournament Black and Dynasphere Platinum balls are available for $10 for the day.


Our house cues are one piece and well maintained, available for use at no additional cost. Premium rental cues from Uni-cue and Cuetec are available at an additional $5 or $10 charge per day.

Play! Hoboken also sells a variety of cues, chalk, gloves, and tools by McDermott, Balabushka, Unique, Action, Voodoo, and more. Cues range in price from $99 to $999.


We’re always looking to start billiards leagues at Play! Hoboken, and we’ll start a league for any group with at least four players (or four teams), with a 15 day notice prior to the start date. Your group gets to pick the format, and we’ll mutually pick a day and time. If needed, Play! Hoboken will recruit more players or teams from our list of interested players.

We prefer leagues with handicaps that are based on Fargo and allow the stronger player to win the majority of the time, but still allow weaker players a chance to win.


No upcoming tournaments – check back soon!