Friday Night Draft is back and it’s official!

How much does it cost to draft?

For the month of May the first eight to sign up pay only $10! The next eight pay only $15! All other players pay $20.

What time?

Our event time is 7:00pm. Player registration begins at 6:45. We ask that players arrive early so that we can have everyone sitting and opening the first pack before 7:15.

Drafts are not delayed for the sake of late attendees. Those who arrive after the draft has begun may not be able to play unless a second pod is forming, and will forfeit their ticket entry fee unless additional pods are launching.

Prize support?

Players receive one set booster pack for their first match win.

Players receive one Streets of New Capenna Promo Pack for their second match win.

Players receive one Streets of New Capenna Foil Promo Pack for their third match win

Players who don’t win any matches will get a random past promo card.

Games members receive set booster pack as participation.


May 20th – 7:00 pm – FNM Draft

May 27th – 7:00 pm – FNM Draft