Travel the stars and many worlds of D&D in this long running spelljammer campaign run by our professional DMs!

For adults, the events are $35 per person per live session. Subscribe to a weekly campaign for $105 a month! This includes a free board game membership, allowing you to come to play games, darts and foosball, as well as Board Game Nights and other events for free! You can reserve a spot for $5 and pay the difference upon the end of the adventure for that day.

The length of each individual session depends upon the number of participants. A session runs three hours for up to 4 players. Each player above four adds 15 minutes to the session run time, for a total length of 4 hours at eight players. If more than 8 players show up the session is split between different groups run by separate DMs.

Online events are $30 per person per session, with a $90 subscription fee.

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7 pm start time – Ages 18+ (In Person) (4th Level)


1 pm start time – Ages 18+ (In Person) (12th Level)

7 pm start time – Ages 18+ (Google Hangouts)(12th Level)

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