Bookings may be made with minimum 6 hours notice.
You may bring in your own wine or beer (no hard liquor) – which we will store for you and serve to you. No other food or beverage may be brought in as we are required to serve our own food in order for us to be a BYOB facility and thus we need to be able to sell our own food.
Grayed out times/days ARE still available but may not be reserved – please just walk in.
We are now taking a very limited number of bookings for foursomes – but we have plenty of room for walk-ins. If you are a single or threesome you must walk-in. We have room to accommodate other larger groups too.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these rules will be strictly regulated (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):
Twosomes are encouraged. If you have a foursome – feel free to book two twosomes at the same time. Please do not book back to back twosomes (two different times) – we are not able to accommodate reserved groups of four on a twosome booking.
There are now a limited number of foursome bookings available. We will attempt to put these groups on our end simulators whenever possible.
Arrive ten minutes early – or your spot may be forfeited. If you arrive later than ten minutes early, you are likely to start late and you’ll be charged as if you started on time.
There is a nominal ‘reservation’ charge for each booking – you will be charged additionally when you play.
THERE IS STILL PLENTY OF ROOM FOR WALK-INS! At least half our capacity is available to those without bookings!