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Memberships are recurring monthly commitments intended for those who come at least once per week.

An initiation fee will be charged to encourage customers to keep their membership (rather than cancel and restart) – this cost will vary depending on the season (especially for golf).

The golf membership is currently $175.
The billiards membership is currently $125.
The games membership is currently $45 with a special $15 monthly limited membership.

Members receive unlimited play, based on availability.
When Play! Hoboken is busy, members will be rotated off golf simulators and pool tables as needed.

If there are no reservations, members (along with day rate customers) will be permitted one hour per person in their group to play until being asked to make space for a waiting customer.

Reservations (bookings, lessons, parties, events) are given priority over those without reservations and are guaranteed not to wait so long as they arrive at least ten minutes before their reserved time.

Members (and day rate customers) with reservations that book more than one hour per person in their group will be charged one guest rate for each hour beyond the number of people in their group.

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