Fraud Blocker Play Hoboken - Family Entertainment Center with Golf Simulators, Pool Hall, Billiards, DnD, Board Games, Arcade, Ping Pong, Miniature Bowling, and E-sports

Play! Hoboken

A run of house event at Play! Hoboken gives your event exclusive and private use of our party room and all your attendees may use any of our other attractions which include Golf, Billiards, Bowling, Board Games, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Arcade Games, Foosball and Pinball. Attractions will still be available to other customers with your guests given access proportional to the number of attendees. For events that will require a substantial amount of one activity, it is advisable to book your event by chosen activity with add-ons instead so that your group has access to exactly what you intend to play.

The quote given is good for 60 days from the time of the quote and based on availability. A run of house event may be changed to a buy-out starting at 100 guests with a $800 additional charge. Buy-outs require enough advanced notice (at our discretion) and means that the facility will be closed to the public.

As run of house events mean holding space for your group on all attractions, scheduling is done by email or phone.