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Cancel Membership

All good things come to an end… We are sad to see you go.

Promo memberships and membership requiring some minimum time commitment will have a cancellation fee: this includes promo games cancelled before one year ($30 cancellation) and promo arcade cancelled before one year ($30 cancellation.

When cancelling at least one day before the renewal date, a member is not responsible for the next month’s charge, but it may be necessary to void an authorization or refund a charge if the cancellation occurs close to the date of renewal.

When cancelling on or after the renewal date, a member will be charged for the next month and the membership will be valid up until the next renewal date.

Anyone restarting a membership within a few months of cancellation will be charged an extra month to restart, assuming available space (as of 1/22/2023, both Monthly Golf and Promo Board Games are approaching their capacity).