Fraud Blocker Play Hoboken - Family Entertainment Center with Golf Simulators, Pool Hall, Billiards, DnD, Board Games, Arcade, Ping Pong, Miniature Bowling, and E-sports

Play! Hoboken



Standard format. $15 admission at the door. Start time every Thursday at 7 pm, unless there is a special event.


One promo pack per match win.  Go X-0 and foil promo pack replaces one regular promo pack.

Board Game Members receive a bonus prize draft or set booster from a previous set.


Pay an additional $5 in advance for extra boosters at check-in. First six reservations roll for 1d6 Play Boosters. All other reservations receive 2 Play Boosters.

For every 8 players in attendance at Standard Showdown we will add one standard booster box as a door prize to the prize pool.

Receive Dragonlord’s Servant Promo card for participation while supplies last.

First week (date) X-0 receives Sarkhan Unbroken promo.

Each week X-0 receives choice of alternate art basic land promo card.